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Highland Games Festival

St. Augustine Celtic Festival -- March 14 & 15 - Skill and Strength

Originating in the Scottish Highlands during the 11th century, Highland games have long been a favorite spectacle, and they're sure to be a major draw at the 2015 St. Augustine Celtic Festival March 14 & 15. You'll see some of the most impressive kilt-donning athletes around challenging one another in traditional Scottish heavy athletics and strength competitions, including the weight throw, Scottish hammer throw, stone put and the always entertaining caber toss, which involves tossing a long, tapered pine log or pole end-over-end.

The Scottish Highland games are traced back to King of Scots Malcolm III, who summoned contestants to a footrace in order to find the fastest runner in the land to serve as royal messenger. Over the centuries, Highland games events have expanded to include piping, drumming and dancing competitions, plus entertainment and exhibits celebrating Scottish and Gaelic culture. Thousands of fans from throughout Florida and Georgia, Savannah to Sarasota, Orlando and The Villages turn out every year for the St. Augustine Celtic Festival Highland Games. So hurry up and get your tickets for a pure good time.


Highland Games Information and Registration


  • $20 per person March 14 & 15 to compete for the weekend.
  • Registration includes free admission all weekend to the Festival, athletic participation and free lunch.
  • Awards will be done at the close of each full day's competition for each of the define division of athletes.
  • Athletes are marching in the parade.
  • Competition is starting immediately after the parade.

FRIDAY CLINIC -- 2pm - 6pm Friday March 13

Opportunity for any interested in competing as athlete for introduction & training, but not limited to the novice athlete.

Scottish Highland Games Tickets


  • Open Stone Put (16 lb. thrown for distance in any style)
  • Heavy Hammer Throw
  • 56 lb. Weight for Distance
  • 28 lb. Weight for Distance
  • Caber Toss (size and weight of caber differs between the classes of athletes)
  • Sheaf Toss (16 lb. burlap bag tossed with a pitch fork for height)
  • 56 lb. Weight for Height


  • Men's or Women's Open Class (Athletes w/comp. experience)
  • Masters Men (40 yrs & up)
    Men's NOVICE (Never competed)
  • Light-weight Men’s Open (190 lbs or less)

SATURDAY COMPETITION: Novice, Masters, & Open Men

SUNDAY COMPETITION: Novice, Women, & Light-weight Men's Open

Understand that each day's competition is new and has no bearing on the results for the next day. Awards will be done at the close of each full day of competition for each of the defined divisions of athletes.

For more information, download this Highland Games Invitation to Participants.

Click here to download the Highland Games Registration Form.


Scottish Highland Heavy-weight Athletics Judge / Athletic Director / Event Coordinator / Scoremaster

Kimberley R. Baldwin


Scottish Highland Heavy-weight Athletics Judge/ Athletic Director/Event Coordinator/Scoremaster

Kimberley, who is a native Floridian was not only born in, but makes her home in Tallahassee when not traveling the Southeastern, U.S. for Scottish Highland Games. Kimberley originally fell in love with Highland Heavy-weight Athletics during a photo-journalism shoot in 2004, at the Tallahassee Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festival. Once allowed onto the athletic field she has never left. Although she began as a volunteer scorekeeper and “shagger”, she quickly absorbed the fundamentals of both sides of the Games, athletics and administration, and by 2007, Kimberley became an athletics judge. Shortly thereafter, she began assisting in the coordination of the Tallahassee Scottish Games and Celtic Festival as a member of the Board of Directors.

What followed seems natural. In 2008 Kimberley began Assisting and eventually Directing Scottish Athletic Games and Events. She has been a judge in Florida Games at Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota, Ocala, Ft. Lauderdale, Dunedin, Zephyrhills, Panama City, Pensacola, and Tallahassee, as well as Games in Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina; Savannah and Blairsville, Georgia; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Marysville, Tennessee. Among her credits as CO-AD and/or AD of Athletics are the Tallahassee, Ocala, Pensacola, Zephyrhills, and Sarasota, Florida Games; as well as Games in Gulfport, Mississippi and Greenville, South Carolina.

When Kimberley is not pursuing her passion of Scottish Highland Games, you may find her delivering flowers and smiles to someone as an employee of Blossom’s on Monroe, a local florist in Tallahassee or with one of her many clients as a caregiver/sitter for Tallahassee pet population. Keeping in her pursuit of all things Scottish, Kimberley is a proud member of Clan Henderson and the Tallahassee St. Andrews Society.