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Show Your Clan Pride!

We must let everyone know that Celtic culture and heritage is as strong as ever in AMERICA’S OLDEST CELTIC CITY!  

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Clans Attending in 2018:

Clan Davidson Society of North America

Clan Donnachaidh Society of Florida

House of Gordon

Clan Irwin

Clan MacLaren

Clan MacPherson

Clan Ross of the United States

St. Andrews Society

Clan Sutherland Society of North America

Clan Wallace

Our 2018 Honored Clan will be

Clan Donnachaidh Society of Florida

The Clan Donnachaidh Society was formed in 1893 by those Clansfolk bearing the name Duncan, Robertson, Reid, Stark, etc., some 43 Septs in all, who thought it worthwhile to combine to establish and maintain the spirit of the old Clan system.  In addition, the Society is involved in the Preservation of Clan Relics and Clan History, in mutual aid between Clansfolk and in assistance generally by means of Benevolent Funds. 

The word Clan comes from the Gaelic “clann” meaning children or family, and “Donnachaidh” means “Duncan”.  The first Chief of the Clan was Duncan of Atholl, who commanded a force of 2,000 volunteer Militia at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, and the Clach na Bratach meaning the “Stone of the Standard” was carried by Duncan at Bannockburn and can be seen in the Clan Museum at Bruar Falls in Perthshire, Scotland.  The name Robertson was taken to honor the 4th Chief, Robert, who captured the murderers of King James I in 1437 and in consequence, endowed all future Clansfolk with a Crest portraying a hand supporting an Imperial Crown.  With the exception of Royalty, no one else in Europe is permitted to display an Imperial Crown as a Crest.

 In modern Administration, the Society is second to no other and has Branch organizations in Atholl, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  In quantity of surnames, the name of Robertson is the 4th most common in Scotland and when added to the Septs, such as Reid and Duncan, forms one of the largest Clans in Scotland.  It is almost inevitable then that the Clan Donnachaidh Society has the largest Clan organization in Europe.  Their current Clan Chieftain is Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan.

 Currently, there are approximately 1,100 members worldwide of the Clan Donnachaidh Society.  In America, there are 11 million people who claim Scottish or Scotch/Irish heritage.



Please join us and celebrate romantic St. Augustine’s Celtic heritage. Saturate your senses in the sights, sounds, and tastes of our Celtic history.

Fact: The founder of St Augustine, Pedro Menendez, was from the Celtic region of Spain.

Sights: Celtic musicians, Highland Games, Clans & Celtic Vendors

Sounds: Arguably the best collaboration of Celtic artists assembled in the US.

Tastes: Savor both Celtic food and local offerings.